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Suggested Equipment List

Backpack containing: fleece, bomb-proof raingear (top and bottom), bomb-proof water bottles, gloves, socks, hat, light-colored stuff sack, and dark-colored stuff sack.

In the light-colored stuff sack: food, resealable bag for open food, and resealable bag for trash.

In the dark-colored stuff sack: emergency kit, map, camera, flashlight, sunglasses,and head lamp (for early morning starts and late descents).

In the emergency kit: bug stick, jackknife, waterproof matches, antibiotic bandages, sunblock, compass, sewing kit, big trash bag, laces, meds, tape, toilet paper, thermal bag, whistle, and cord.

Prepare Your Gear

Participants in the climb should purchase any new gear for their hike far in advance of the actual climb. You do not want to be breaking in gear, particularly boots, in the weeks leading up to or on the day of the climb.

Please Note

All participants are respectfully reminded that Mount Washington's reputation for severe weather is well founded. Please prepare for all eventualities. Rain gear is mandatory.